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Department of Public Safety
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Justice of the Peace Courts
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Law Libraries

Law Libraries

Law Libraries

Travis County Law Library

Hays County Law Library

Other Texas County Law Libraries

Texas State Law Library

Legislative Reference Library

Tarlton (University of Texas) Library

Law Library of Congress

Library of Congress Guide to Law Online


ABA American Bar Association Amicus Briefs

ABA Supreme Court Preview


American Law Sources Online (ALSO)

CATO Institute

Harvard University Civil Rights Project

U.S. Dept. of Justice

U.S. Dept. of Labor 

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Texas Statutes

Federal Laws

City of Austin Ordinances

Municipal Codes Database

American Legal Publishing

Texas Constitution

Texas Constitution, 1824 to 1876

Texas Statutes

U.S. Constitution

U.S. Code

Policy Making


Austin City Council

Travis County Commissioners Court

Bexar County Commissioners Court

Hays County Commissioners Court

Williamson County Commissioners Court

Texas Legislature Online (bill searching)

Texas House of Representative

Texas Senate

All States

Congressional Bills

Federal Legislation - THOMAS

Congressional Record

U.S. House of Representative

U.S. Senate

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Court-Related Departments

Law / Agencies

Regulations / Agencies

List of all Travis County Departments

Travis County Civil Court Administration

Travis County Criminal Court Administration

Travis County Clerk's

Travis County District Clerk's Office

Travis Count Domestic Relations Office

Travis County Juvenile Public Defender

Bexar County Courts

Hays County Courts

Williamson County Courts

Texas Administrative Code

Texas Register

Attorney General Opinion Index

State Office of Administrative Hearings

Administrative Codes & Registers

List of all Texas agencies

Attorney General's Office

Secretary of State

Texas Ethic Commission

State Commission on Judicial Conduct

Texas Real Estate Commission

Code of Federal Regulations

Federal Register

Uniform Commercial Code

Pending Regulations

Washlaw Agency Index Agency Index

Administrative Decisions & Other Actions

Unified Agenda (proposed rules)

United States Sentencing Commission


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Municipal Courts

District Courts

District Courts
in Texas

Directory of all Texas courts

Austin Municipal Court

Sunset Valley Municipal Court

Austin Community Court

Round Rock Municipal court

Georgetown Muicipal Court

San Marcos Municipal Court

Directory of all Texas Courts

Civil District Courts in Travis County

Criminal District Courts in Travis County

District Courts Quick Reference Guide

Hays County District Courts

Williamson County District Court

U.S. District Court for the Eastern District

U.S. District Court for the Northern District

U.S. District Court for the Western District

U.S. District Court for the Southern District

U.S. Bankruptcy Court Eastern District

U.S. Bankruptcy Court Southern District

U.S. Bankruptcy Court Northern District

U.S. Bankruptcy Court Western District

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Appellate Courts

Appellate Courts

Travis Count JP/Small Claims

Travis County Courts-at-Law

Travis Count Probate Court

Travis County Juvenile Court

Hays County Justice of the Peace Court

Hays County Courts-at-Law

Williamson County Justice of the Peace courts

Williamson county Courts at Law

Texas Judiciary Online

Texas Courts of Appeals

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals

Search all appellate cases

Texas Supreme Court

Third court of Appeals, Austin

Fourth court of Appeals, San Antonio

Understanding the Federal Courts

All Circuits

U.S. court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

U.S. Supreme Court

Federal Judiciary Homepage

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Travis County
Court Rules

Court Rules

Court Rules

District Court Local Rules

Travis County District Civil courts E-Filing

Forms for County Courts 1&2

Travis County Courts at Law Local Rules

District Court Docket Call Form

District Court Standing Orders

Probate Court Local Rules

Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure

Texas Rules Civil Procedure (TRCP)

Texas Rules of Disciplinary Procedure

Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct

Code of Judicial Conduct & Judicial Ethics Opinions

Texas Rules of Evidence

Parental Notification Rules and Forms

Fifth Circuit Rules

Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure

Federal Rules of Evidence

Federal Rules of civil Procedure

Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure

Supreme Court Rules

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