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Free Help From a Law Librarian

Whatever your legal question might be, a law librarian will help you find information about the legal matter.  Law Librarians can direct you to free legal websites, give you free handouts and forms, and assist with finding books in the library for more complete information.  Whenever possible, the librarian will help you find legal information in plain English.  The law librarian will help you to locate free or low-cost legal advice on legal hotlines, at legal clinics and from lawyer referral services.

If you decide you want to hire an attorney, researching your legal question in advance will benefit you in several ways.  You will become familiar with many of the legal terms and the laws governing your particular situation.  You will have a better understanding of the legal process and the complexity of pursuing a legal remedy in court.  When you talk to an attorney, you will be more informed as to what the attorney will need to do to resolve your legal matter and better prepared to assist your attorney to minimize legal costs.

For assistance, call the librarian at (512) 854-8677 or come to the law library at 314 West 11th Street, Room 140, Austin, Texas 78701.

Last update: Wednesday, December 28, 2011 3:33 PM